BEING blind or partially sighted should not be a barrier to voting in the upcoming European Parliament elections.

If you are living with sight loss there are ways that you can make sure you cast your vote on Thursday, May 23.

Your polling station will have a tactile device that can be attached to the ballot paper to help you select your candidate as well as large-print versions of the ballot paper you can use as a reference.

Don’t forget you can ask a close relative or a qualified elector

to come to the polling station with you.

If you need any support you can also speak to the presiding officer, they’re an independent person in charge of the polling station.

Alternatively, you can cast your vote by post or by proxy if you would prefer.

Visit or contact the electoral services department at your local council to find out more.

Make sure your voice is heard.


Director of RNIB Cymru,


Head of Electoral Commission, Wales