I SUPPOSE, when you think about it, like a number of other ‘war babies,’ it's thanks to Adolf Hitler that I'm around today, unleashing these TRMs on you.

If there'd been no World War 2...both history, and the paths of peoples' lives, may well have turned out so differently.

In my case, my dad, Lance Corporal William Dunn, in late 1941, was sent to Pembrey, Burry Port, on a Radar Operators Advance Course, and from there he was transferred to a sister battery, stationed at Bicton Farm, St Ishmaels.

And on a Sunday afternoon, the smooth-talking, sparkly-eyed soldier came to Milford, and, while strolling along the Rath, met, and chatted up, local girl, Ethel Edwards...and the rest, as they say...is Dunn history.

So, when I received this notification from Yvonne Evans, it seemed quite possible my dad may, somehow, have been involved.


“The Exhibition currently on display at the Old Stables Heritage Centre, South Street, Dale, is the 'Harrier Years...Radar at Kete'.

“From 1944 to 1961 HMS Harrier occupied a large area of St Anne's Head, housing at times some 900 military personnel, with civilian staff adding to these numbers, as well as those who came to train at Kete.

“If you stand in the nearby Trust car park now, it is hard to imagine how important this station was to the defence of the British Isles.

“In 1941 the base was a Chain Low (CHL) radar station for the tracking of low-flying aircraft. From 1944 onwards it housed the Royal Navy Fighter Direction School, and also a School of meteorology. Thousands of Air Direction officers were trained there, mainly by Wrens.

“Shortly before the base closed the tracking facility was used as part of the Operation Victor Bomber Search, and this important event is also featured in the exhibition.

“HMS Harrier personnel formed close links with the Dale Community, and also further afield in Pembrokeshire.

“Coastlands Local History Group would particularly welcome visits from anyone who may have had family working there as civilians. Photographs taken at air days or similar events would be welcome, and any other memorabilia.

“The Heritage Centre is open from 11am to 5pm on Thursday to Sunday inclusive, visits at other times can be arranged by contacting Yvonne Evans (01646 636251).”

Now, at the request of John Kelly, in TRM Trawler Corner this week is the Respondo HL63.

An ironside beam trawler built in 1905 by Cochranes of Selby; 209 tons. 115' long.

Originally named Emerald M37, and landed at Milford under that name from June 1905 to Jan 1917, when she was requisitioned for service in the Fishery Reserve. Returned to Milford and renamed Respondo.

Local owners (as Emerald) included…Robert Cole, Charles Street; E E Carter, Greville Rd; B H Galvin, Dewsland Street; D G Jones, Pem Dock.

And as Respondo...Yolland and Llewellin Trawling, Milford Docks.

A year into the war, in October 1940, this cutting comes from the Western Telegraph.

"During the week grave anxiety has been felt by everyone as to the vessel's safety.

“The vessel left port on Wednesday, Sep 11, for the fishing grounds. She was a mixed fishing boat carrying a crew of 11 men, of which Mr Tom Owston was skipper.

“In the ordinary course the ship should have returned to port on the 18th or 19th.

“On Tuesday, 20 had elapsed and we were officially informed by the firm that they must regretfully regard the boat as missing or lost.

“The list of the crew is as follows.

“Thomas Owston (36)…Skipper, The Lodge, Priory Rd…married. William Harteveld (65)...Mate…Cromwell Road…married. H R Bennett (26)…Bosun…Albion Street…single. E A Scrivens (35)…Third hand…Brooke Avenue…married. Peter Huys (32)…Deckhand…Belgian...single. W Owston (33) Spare Hand…Steynton…single. A Tichner (50)...Cook…Dartmouth Gardens…widower. H B Barr (39)…Ch Engr…Church St, H/west…married. A Phillips (60)…2nd Eng…Mayoral Terrace, H/west…married. J Evans (43)...Fireman…Military Rd, Pem Dock...single. S Eynon (45)...Fireman…Marble Hall Rd...single.”

Here, from the John (Stevo) Stevenson collection, is a snap of Respondo.

Now for our teaser followers, the answer to last week's poser, as set by Les Haynes, was…NONE.

And the correct answer was given by…Joyce Layton, Travis from Todaro's, Joan Earles, Avril Sturley, Eleanor Jones, Margaret Jones, Anne and Jets Llewellyn, Gerry Thomas, Margaret Bird, and Dennis Payne.

Many thanks to everyone who got in touch.

Here's a sporty one for you.

Two professional boxers are in a match scheduled for 10 rounds.

One of the boxers gets knocked out after only five rounds, yet no man threw a punch. How is this possible?

Right, that's just about it from me for another week, but I'll leave you with another one of the old photographs that were given to me recently by Haverfordwest's Dai Hughes.

I always think that there's something quite magical about the old pics in TRM, but, then again, I would…wouldn't I?

I spend most of my time, living my life in black 'n white. Hope you've enjoyed it. See you soon.