Smashing a bottle of wine to avoid it being drunk has cost a Milford Haven man £135.

Daniel Aaron Rees, of Cherry Tree Close, Mount Estate, pleaded guilty to criminal damage when he appeared at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Wednesday, May 29.

Sian Vaughan, prosecuting, said red wine flowed onto a carpet after Rees, 51, threw the bottle at a wall smashing it, during an argument in a Haverfordwest woman’s house on May 3.

She added that there had been an offer to pay for the damage, but the amount had not been settled.

Jonathan Webb, defending, said he had ‘no idea’ why the incident had been brought to court instead of being dealt with in another way.

“He was invited to her property, she was very, very drunk.

“They had gone to bed and she started screaming and shouting at him. There was a bottle of wine, he threw it to stop her from drinking anymore.”

Mr Webb said the woman was described as ‘heavily intoxicated’ by police who were called to the scene, and was barely able to walk and making very little sense, while Rees appeared calm.

Magistrates imposed a six-month conditional discharge and ordered Rees to pay £30 compensation, £85 costs and a £20 surcharge.