A MILFORD Haven couple were honoured to represent the county at a recent royal garden party, held at Buckingham Place.

Jeff and Sian Edwards attended the May 15 Queen’s Garden Party in recognition of their work organising classic motoring events, through Pembrokeshire County Motoring Events , raising funds for charities throughout the county.

Jeff and Sian organised the Western Welsh Omnibus Anniversary run in 1997, which proved the seed behind their founding of the Western Telegraph Pembrokeshire County Run the following year.

The couple also developed new road runs in 2011, 2015 and 2016, welcoming thousands of motoring enthusiasts to enjoy the county's highways and by-ways and raising thousands for charity.

Jeff described the honour in attending the recent garden party: “We met Prince Philip, he said: ‘We understand you organise the county runs’.

“All I can tell you is we had a phone call about three months go from the chief executive of Pembrokeshire County Council, who said: ‘Your name’s been submitted to go the royal garden party’.

“I was delighted for Sian, she’s got all the worries about my health, fortunately there was hardly any walking at all.

“When we walked through those gates with the sentries, it didn’t sink in until the following day, walking up these steps where all the VIPs walk up, where the Queen and the PM walk, we walked up the very steps that they would walk up.

“It finally hit home to us yesterday, something Sian and I will remember for the rest of our lives, the pomp and circumstance made you proud to be British.

“We felt very privileged in being there; we’re extremely grateful for the thousands of dedicated supporters who have supported our events and raised thousands; we were there to represent them.”