ASBESTOS has been found dumped in a river in Haverfordwest.

Jamie James, a member of the public, said he first reported what was suspected to be asbestos to Pembrokeshire County Council on Thursday, May 23.

The issue having not been dealt with he called the council again on Tuesday, May 28.

A spokesman for the council confirmed that they “will be dealing with the asbestos and moving it today [Tuesday, June 4] or tomorrow [June 5].”

The substance was found in the Merlins Bridge area of Haverfordwest.

Mr James expressed disappointment that he had taken so long to be dealt with.

He said: “I just find it absolutely shocking that it has taken contact from the local paper to get anything done, they had assured me that I would be contacted and informed of any updates.


The UK Health and Safety Executive (HSE) say that Asbestos kills around 5,000 workers each year.

The HSE website says: “When materials that contain asbestos are disturbed or damaged, fibres are released into the air.

“When these fibres are inhaled, they can cause serious diseases.

“These diseases will not affect you immediately; they often take a long time to develop, but once diagnosed, it is often too late to do anything.”