The children of Johnston CP School, Pembrokeshire, arrived back to school after their May half term break to find a mysterious work of art in their school library, complete with the claim “I am Banksy”.

The enigmatic artwork lead to lots of speculation and discussions around the school as to how this massive piece of artwork, covering a whole wall, got there and who did it.

It was eventually revealed that the anonymous artists were in fact the Year 4 class who had produced the artwork for this eye-catching display.

The huge Banksy display wall measures approximately seven foot square and shows 32 individual Banksy-inspired images, each produced by a child or an LSA from the class.

Class 4 were studying the effects that plastic has on the oceans when inspiration struck their teacher, Mrs Sanders-Swales.

She thought that through some of Banksy’s inspired political street art, they too could create a message of the damaging effect that plastic has in our environment through the style of Banksy

“The children found this the most challenging piece of artwork that they had created on all year,” said Mrs Sanders-Swales.

“But they found it so rewarding once they saw the huge wall come together as one piece.”