OUR county council recently spent several weeks creating a crossing for pedestrians and cyclists at the Neyland end of the busy main road over the Westfield Pill bridge.

Weeks of temporary traffic light controls, with the usual accompanying traffic light company van with two employees reading the paper, big traffic delays, lots of machinery and men, all resulting in a very pretty arrangement of red, green and white tarmac patterns in the road, framed by railings along both sides.

Why? The few people who cross this road at this point have always appeared to be able to do so safely in the past without needing all this technicolour trim.

Now I note we have also been provided with electrically illuminated signs above the cycle path at various points to tell the few of us who actually wander along there, by day or by night, that the path is for pedestrians and cyclists!

One wonders who amongst us the council feels is so unable to perceive and manage such things for ourselves that it seems to be able to make so much funding available to provide such unnecessary and expensive features. Presumably there must be many similar examples elsewhere around the county as well.

I daresay that those many unfortunate people who are suffering hardship from the very severe financial cuts to various social and public services run by our supposedly cash-strapped council might feel even more than I do that this is hardly money well spent.