I AM writing to express my concern with regard to the proposed car park charges in Angle.

On May 8 the National Park Authority held their meeting to ratify plans to introduce car parking charges in Angle.

Despite some 3,000 signatures against these charges, it was proposed to implement these charges by seven members present at this meeting; 3,000 against seven persons.

There is no democracy or fair play in this decision, and it should be thrown our immediately.

This action by the National Park Authority should be investigated to find out how this decision by them was brought about.

As far as I am concerned this area belongs to the public and the National Park Authority should keep their hands off this area in Angle and mind their own business.

It is an affront to democracy and the people of Angle to allow these charges to go ahead.

These proposals regarding these car park charges requires to be investigated to find out what authority the National Park has.

Also, the members who voted for these charges should be named to allow the public to know what is going on.


By email