RESIDENTS in a group of council houses in Tiers Cross are expected to be moved out while the properties are demolished and rebuilt.

The cabinet member for housing and regulatory services Cllr Pat Davies is due to take a delegated decision on the redevelopment of Tudor Place which includes covering costs for rehoused residents.

Tudor Place was built in the 1940s and 50s with an original lifespan of around 50 to 60 years, a council report states.

Repairs and maintenance issues led to discussion with residents about redeveloping the site, with costs estimated at around £99,000 per property after structural steel pillars were found to be rusting.

The plan, estimated to take around 91 weeks, includes demolishing the ten properties and rebuilding a mixture of properties, as preferred by the current residents, and improved parking.

A design and planning application will be developed first.

Seven households need to be moved to other council houses with three going to ateb’s new developments in Steynton and Johnston.

Cllr Davies is also asked to approve payments of £5,900 for the seven households on completion of the redevelopment in line with the Home Loss Payments regulations, even if they decide not to return to Tudor Place.

School transport costs using taxis for two families will also be covered which are estimated at £10,000, based on the longest time-scale of redevelopment while a third will have mileage costs covered of around £780.

The proposal is recommended for approval and is funded by the Housing Revenue Account.