CLEAN-UP operations of a fuel spill have been completed this afternoon (Friday, June 21) at Milford Haven’s Puma Energy site.

Firefighters were called to the scene of the spill shortly after 8am today.

A spokesman for Puma Energy Ltd said: "Puma Energy can confirm that the incident at our Milford Haven Terminal today is now closed. 

"There was no injury to personnel or damage to property.

They added: "Arrangements are in place to recover a minor distillate spill which is contained on site and which will be completed over the coming days."

Earlier this morning, the spokesman said the incident was on-site only, with no off-site effects. 

“There are no reported injuries, however there has been a minor release of product," they said.

“This is being dealt with by our specialist teams, supported by the local fire and rescue service.

“There is no risk to people or property in the area.

“Updates will be made in due course as applicable.”

Shortly after 11am today, June 21, the spokesman added: "Emergency services and specialist teams have left the site and the all-clear alarm has been sounded.

"There are no off site effects and no reported injuries to personnel on site."

Mid and West Wales Fire and Rescue Service has been contacted for comment.