MILFORD Haven Probus Club returned to an old, much-loved haunt; Milford Haven Golf Club and the newly updated Fountain View Restaurant, catered by Lucy Edmonds.

This first meeting in the club’s new location gave members the experience of our first non-human ‘speaker’.

Bella, a Reading Dog was accompanied by her chauffeuse and interpreter Lorna Cecil.

Lorna’s enthusiasm for the work Bella does to support the development of reading skills amongst Milford’s children was infectious. Bella – through Lorna’s able interpretation – explained the rigorous three-month training programme they both went through to be able take part in the scheme.

She shared with members some highlights of the great changes in participants’ attitude to reading. Not merely improved reading skills, but in some cases fundamental change in participants’ engagement with education and improved social skills and self-confidence.

Who knew one small, desperately endearing and infinitely patient Cavalier King Charles Spaniel could achieve so much? Bella graciously acknowledged the contribution made by Lorna.

The Reading Dog Scheme is managed and supported by the Burns Pet Nutrition Foundation members are welcome to contact the club secretary at to learn more of the club’s activities and receive a copy of this year’s planned speakers and social events.

The Milford Haven Probus Club was formed in 1984 by founder president E Gough. The Club provides an opportunity for its members to keep active mentally and physically through a comprehensive programme of speakers and various social events and outings.

The objective of the club is the promotion of good fellowship.