A HUBBERSTON church has one again been targeted by vandals, with an ancient tree damaged.

Colin Croxford of St David's Church Committee said: “Once again St David's Church, Hubberston has suffered mindless vandalism.

“A beautiful ancient ash tree which frames the church with its spreading canopy has been vandalised, a tool has been used to strip a large area of bark from the trunk.

“When you realise how many generations of people have marvelled at and witnessed the growth of this tree and then two or three people, who have no sense of community, create damage to it, which could result its demise, it makes you wonder.

“We of the Church forgive them and pray that they will come to realise just how much they are missing out on.”

St David’s was plagued by vandals back in May, when the porch roof was badly damaged, with many of the slates having been broken.

That was not the first incident of vandalism, just weeks before a slate on the same roof had been holed by a missile.

Fire has also been lit in the churchyard close to the church recently and the community which uses the building for worship is now concerned for its safety.

St David’s Church is a Norman-era building by origin and has been place of worship since 1100AD.