MILFORD Haven School is getting tough on ‘defiant’ pupils smoking on the school site.

In a letter sent to some parents, and published on its Facebook page, the school has raised concerns about pupils smoking, and some even openly smoking in front of teachers.

The letter states: “As a school we actively encourage pupils not to smoke. As I am sure you are aware, there are many negative aspects on health due to smoking and your child continues to put themselves at risk.

“We are also becoming increasingly concerned at the high level of defiance of pupils who smoke openly in front of other impressionable pupils and staff.

“As a result, we have reviewed our Positive Engagement Policy and we have taken the decision that this continued and deliberate disobeying of the school rules will result in a fixed-term exclusion on the first instance of smoking on school-site or in proximity of the school wearing school uniform.”

The letter added the school was working with the youth service and public health to develop a project to support pupils wishing to stop smoking.