HARDSHIP charity Patch is on the move again.

The Milford Haven-based charity, which last year moved to the former Hakin Junior School site on Waterloo Road, is now moving to 81 Charles Street, Milford Haven.

The move will start on July 27.

The Pembroke Dock branch will still be open on Tuesdays, 10-2, and the Haverfordwest on Fridays 10-12.

Patch co-ordinator Tracy Olin said: “The food, household items, and hairdressers will be upstairs in our Robert Street entrance. This place is so much more accessible as all the buses go to Charles Street. Sadly, the parking might be an issue, but there is a car park in Robert Street

“Eventually the Charles Street entrance will include a charity shop. Our clothing bank will also be in the shop.

“We will sell goods at a reasonable price to help prevent poverty; clients will be able to use vouchers in the shop.

“Only the person at the till will know who is using a voucher and who is paying.

“The idea is it will give more dignity to the clients by having a real shopping feel to finding suitable clothing.

“We will also sell the non-practical items we don't normally keep, to raise funds to put back into the charity to keep us running and to pay for items we often have to buy when we run out, such as food. This may take a while to set up though.

“This means our HQ will be closed from July 27, and we will reopen our main base on Monday, August 5, at 10 am.

“The PATCH-ites are really excited about this move and the time is right for us to leave the school that PCC has so kindly let us use. They have been brilliant, saving us lots of money and helping us learn what sort of building we really need. They could not have done more for us. A special thank you to Helen who has the patience of Job with me."