A TEEN girl has admitted a “foul and abusive” role in an incident where a disabled dentist and his wife were attacked by youths in broad daylight in Haverfordwest town centre.

Appearing before Haverford magistrates on August 2, the youth, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, admitted a charge of using threatening behaviour and unlawful violence in Haverfordwest on June 24.

A connected earlier case heard how Dr Mark Boulcott was walking arm-in-arm with his wife Tina towards Haverfordwest Library on the afternoon of June 24.

He was struck on the head from behind after asking two teenage boys who ran past and brushed against him what they were doing.

He was assaulted by the group as two girls ‘egged on’ the attackers.

One male previously pleaded guilty to assaulting him.

The female teen before the court on August 2 had previously faced a charge of assaulting Tina Boulcott by beating, which was dismissed.

Prosecuting, Vaughan Pritchard-Jones said: “Mark and Tina Boulcott had been to the opticians, as they left the walked past two teenage boys, they’ve made some comment, Mrs Boulcott’s husband said something to him, they got into a scuffle and [the male youth] has assaulted Mr Boulcott.

“Whilst the assault was going on, Tina Boulcott tried to protect her husband, she intervened between [the male youth] and her husband and a number of girls in the vicinity.

“One of the girls pulled Tina Boulcott away from trying to help her husband, and she was also punched to the face.

“The defendant was using foul and abusive language, shouting at both Mrs and Mrs Boulcott; Mrs Boulcott was fearful for her safety, with a number of girls being violent and abusive towards her.”

Defending, Jonathan Webb said his client accepted her role in the incident, but denied any form of assault: “Her involvement was that she was being obnoxious, she is limited essentially to being foul and abusive.

“She didn’t see the start; she didn’t start it.”

Speaking before the court, the teen said she had only become involved in the incident after walking around the corner to see the ongoing confrontation.

The youth was placed on a six-month referral order, with £85 costs and a victim surcharge of £20, to be paid at £10 a fortnight.