MY husband and I thoroughly enjoyed our recent holiday in Pembrokeshire.

There was so much to see and do and the weather was glorious. As for the beaches you have...too wonderful for words!

There is one place though that I will be checking to see if the coast is clear before venturing within earshot, the old bridge in Haverfordwest.

Perhaps I should explain: The battery in my watch needed to be replaced and we were advised to go to the 'Time Is' shop overlooking the river that runs through the town.

The staff there could not have been more friendly and as I was enjoying a chat with the lovely lady who works there my husband called in at the adjacent record shop.

Leaving him to look through all the vinyl records and CDs, as if he didn't already have enough, I went for a cuppa in the nearby tea shop.

It was such a lovely day and all was peaceful until what sounded like a violent altercation suddenly broke out nearby.

The loud shouting came from the bridge and turned out to be a busker with a ukulele. He must have been tone-deaf because he couldn't sing in tune and massacred every song he attempted.

It was painful to listen to but what he lacked in talent he certainly made up for with relentless enthusiasm.

One of the people on the next table quipped: "I thought Wales was supposed to be the land of song".

When my husband arrived, delighted with his purchases but wincing at the appalling racket emanating from the seemingly unaware public nuisance on the bridge, we made a hasty exit.

The next time we visit Haverfordwest we'll have earplugs ready in case the bellowing busker is there again.


West Bromwich


Busker Pete Jones has responded to the letter and thanked the support he has received locally.