TIME for you to pour yourself a coffee, put your feet up, and share another few moments with me as we switch off today, and re-tune to yesteryear.

We'll continue with the wartime reminiscences of Old Pill Boy.

"There was no electricity in houses in Pill, and probably not throughout Milford, but my father had a diesel generator, which we ran for a couple of hours each night, charging large glass batteries, which then gave us electric light.

“This was especially a requirement on a Monday, for the programme on the wireless…'Monday Night at Eight', made up of quizzes, games and exciting serials. I, and many others, could still sing the introductory lines.

“Wet-celled batteries could be charged up by Mr Backhouse, at his music, musical instrument and wireless shop, at the top of Charles Street, for the price, I believe, of one shilling.

“Eventually Pill did get electricity, but somehow, it wasn't as comfortable as a feather mattress, a candle, and Biggles to read during a cold, wet winter's evening.

“Under those conditions…we used to volunteer to go to bed!"

I was itching to include, once again, a snap of the Backhouse shop, but as I've used it fairly recently in TRM, I thought better of it.

Instead, I'm using this 1945 photo of the Pill, complete with its E-boat.

During the war, as Old Pill Boy said, the wireless played a huge part in people's lives, featuring such programmes as ‘ITMA...It's that man again!’…a major comedy success, starring Tommy Handley…and an array of ‘odd-ball’ characters like… 'Mrs Mopp,’ the cleaner..."Can I do you now, sir?"…’Funf,’ the inept German spy, and the legendary ‘Colonel Chinstrap’...who though every remark was an offer of a drink...."I don't mind if I do."

So many of ITMA's ‘sayings’ lasted long into the Fifties and Sixties.

There were other classic programmes such as ‘Children's Hour,’ with ‘Uncle Mac,’ and, on the Forces Programme, which began in 1940, was Vera Lynn's ‘Sincerely Yours’...with the Forces Sweetheart's ‘We'll meet again’ as the signature tune.

I've always loved the wireless...during my era the comedy shows were...The Goon Show…Round the Horn...Hancock's Half Hour...Life with the Lyons...The Navy Lark...etc.

Here's something that Graham Clarke sent me recently..."Jeff, this poem seems perfect for all who read your TRM column.

“Its author is unknown…the title is... I remember my childhood.

"I remember the corned beef of my childhood, And the bread that we cut with a knife.

“When the children were helped with the housework, And the men went to work, not the wife.

“The cheese never needed a fridge, And the bread was so crusty and hot.

“The children were seldom unhappy, And the wife was content with her lot.

“I remember the milk from the bottle, With the yummy cream on the top.

“Our dinner came hot from the oven, And not from a freezer...or shop.

“The kids were a lot more contented; They didn't need money for kicks.

“Just a game with their friends in the road, And sometimes the Saturday flicks.

“I remember the slap on my backside, And the taste of soap if I swore.

“Anorexia and diets weren't heard of; And we hadn't much choice what we wore.

“Do you think that bruised our ego? Or our initiative was destroyed?

“We ate what was put on the table…And I think life was better enjoyed."

Cheers Graham, so much in that rings a bell.

We haven't gone so far back with this week's TRM Trawler Corner, where we find the Slebech Two M320.

A steel-sided trawler, built in Spain, in 1961. 196 tons. 107 ' long.

Local owners…Betty Fisheries , Milford Docks, Nashcope Fishing, and Oderule, Milford Docks.

Item in the Fishing News of Friday, June 12, 1981.

"Top British skippers are now commanding a trio of 120' Spanish trawlers, brought in to work from Milford Haven by local Fish Merchant, Peter Wright.

“Two are being skippered by ex-Consolidated Fisheries men, who were hit when this firm's Humber based deep sea fleet collapsed, while former ace local skipper, Bill Phillips, has taken over the third ship.

“Last week, one of the trio; Slebech Two, brought in the first catch of hake, which was described by Skipper Phillips as ' the best trip at Milford for many years'.

“The arrival of the trawlers caused a furore among the local industry, but despite this, Mr Wright is said to be looking to bring in more ships.

“The trio will fish hake on the south west of Ireland grounds, and weekly catches are to be 'sold wherever gets the best prices,' according to Bill Phillips, a top skipper at Milford a decade ago…"

Here's a snap of Slebech Two.

Now it's teaser time, and the answer to last week's was 16, as worked out by…Joan Earles, Joyce Layton, Anne and Jets Llewellyn, Elinor Jones, Charles Weatherall, Tricia and Alan Hawthorn. Many thanks to all who had a bash.

Here's another for you to unscramble.

If Mr Davies' peacock lays an egg in Mr Jones' garden, who owns the egg?

And that's it for now, if you're enjoying these TRMs, tell your friends…if you're not…tell me!

See you.