IN last week’s edition of the Western Telegraph I read that the council has stopped sending out reminders of renewal to Blue Badge holders.

I don’t disagree with this decision; however, it would have been appropriate for the council to have informed Blue Badge holders of their decision, as not everyone receives the Western Telegraph.

I feel a much greater saving would be for the issue of lifetime Blue Badges as I am sure that over 95 per cent of holders retain them for the rest of their lives.

There could be an issue of temporary badges for those who have become disabled due to surgery or accident. These could be issued ‘til there is full recovery, as specified by a doctor.

The article also states that a lady driver who had overlooked the expiry date of her Blue Badge was fined for it being out of date while she was parked. Badge holders of that age and older do not have as good a memory as they did when younger and therefore a lifetime Blue Badge will overcome this problem, and, as I have stated earlier, it would save far more money than just stopping reminders.