WELCOME to another of those ‘rag, tag and bobtail’ type of TRMs, which boasts a mixture of varied topics, a miscellany of various items and sources, all dubiously linked by the most tenuous of threads.

One of the ‘hottest’ topics that always seems to raise the blood pressure of all who remember its halcyon days, is the Rath outdoor swimming pool. Constantly used by so many of us who could swim even before we'd included the word lido in our adolescent vocabulary.

Here's a fabulous pic from the pool's heyday, kindly provided by Brian Phillips, my Pill pal, and Vicary Crescent connection, who is, himself, one of those whose heart was lost to the thrills and joys of what was, at one time, one of Milford's greatest attractions.

But Brian, who's a member of the highly-acclaimed, super Samba Doc band, is not one to merely let those memories remain all that's left to remind him of those happy Rath pool days, he's doing something about it. Something unique.

He's decided to build a scaled model of the pool…which, hopefully, will even include a realistic water feature, complete with swimmers and spectators.

To help Brian with his project, Pem CC Archives unearthed documents containing the original plans for the pool, and he's spent much time and effort scrambling around the restaurant- plus- water- gardens, as it is today, armed with a tape measure, drawing board, and determined look…at the same time reassuring everyone who saw him, that he wasn't sussing out the best spots for laying bombs to blow the place up!

Brian has asked for anyone who has any interesting photographs, or information, that they think may help him with the project, to kindly get in touch.

His number is 07814401629…or email…therathpool@gmail.com

I think it's a great idea, and eagerly look forward to hearing how Brian's model Rath pool building is progressing.

Tenuous link No 1...

Like many others, during the very early 1950s, aged around seven or eight, I spent many a happy hour in the Rath paddling pool, merrily splashing about with the rest of the kids.

But, miraculously, in 1952, somehow, I ‘learned how to swim’ ...not on my favourite Scotch Bay, but across the bridge, on Gellyswick beach, where I'd go with my late cousin Vincent, when my mum was visiting her sister Elsie, who lived in Haven's Head.

So it was, in 1952, that I progressed from paddling pool to the ‘big pool’.

And in May of that year, the SS Antonia K...built in 1904...4784 tons…351' long…was broken up at Wards Shipbreaking Yard in Pill…right alongside Scotch Bay.

And from the Ivor Day collection, here's a snap of her.

Now to Tenuous Link No 2...

The Rath pool first opened its doors during the first year of World War 2, 1939, which was also the year when Milford's new town hall opened...although records show that, in truth, there never was an ‘official’ opening ceremony.

The honour of cutting that ribbon was supposed to be in the hands of David Lloyd George MP, but, due to the ever-increasing clouds of war that were looming ominously over Britain, it never took place.

Here's an interesting snap of our town's iconic symbol of authority...sadly, now defunct.

Now for all our teasers, and last week's brought a bumper bundle of replies, most of whom told me, quite correctly, that a peacock is no egg layer…but a peahen is.

Joan Earles, Joyce Layton, Alan Bevans, Les Haynes, John Glover, Tricia and Alan Hawthorn, Mr and Mrs Stan Maguire, Anne and Jets Llewellyn, Elinor Jones, Phil Jones, Ken Goldspink, Sandra Sayers, Charles Weatherall, and Vernon Gwilliam. Many thanks to everyone who got in touch.

No poser this week as there'll be no TRM next week, but, God willing, I'll be back the week after with more stuff and nonsense, including the remarkable wartime recollections of the Old Pill Boy.

Behave yourselves while I'm off…there's sure to be someone keeping tabs on you!