A Milford Haven man who left an eight-week-old kitten on a radiator before kicking it in the head has been jailed for six months.

Rio Hall, of 33 Larch Road, Mount Estate, Milford Haven, was jailed for six months and banned for life from keeping animals at Haverfordwest Magistrates Court last Thursday.

Hall's pregnant girlfriend Caroline Thies had gone to work on January 26, leaving the eight-week-old black and white kitten, Angel, with Hall.

Hall, aged 20, gave the kitten a bath before leaving it on a radiator to dry while he went out shopping.

Prosecuting on behalf of the RSPCA, John Tarrent read Hall's statement, which said: "It had blisters on its legs from the radiator.

"I tried drying it with a hairdryer and it had the runs on the floor so I kicked it and it died on me and I gave it mouth to mouth."

The court heard Thies later received a text from Hall saying the kitten had urinated on the floor and he had hurt it.

Mr Tarrent added: "She noticed the injury when she got home from work and said she felt physically sick."

A vet who examined Angel found fractures to its skull and legs.

The vet had to put the kitten down.

He said the only way the kitten could have received the injuries was by human action, either kicking, stomping or throwing it.

Hall had previously been banned from keeping dogs and cats in 2006, after kicking his dog Benji and breaking its back legs.

Thies, also of 33 Larch Road, received a six-month conditional discharge and was banned from keeping cats or dogs for ten years after pleading guilty to failing to prevent unnecessary suffering to an animal.