A SPECIALIST heavy load ship, which will move the final loads of equipment from the former Murco refinery to Pakistan, has arrived in the Haven.

Recent weeks and months have seen road delays as plant from the former refinery, which closed in November 2014, has been moved to shipping points.

The Murco refinery, which employed around 600 people at one time, was purchased and turned into a storage facility in 2015, safeguarding some jobs, and is now operated by Puma Energy.

The refinery is now being decommissioned; and is in the process of being shipped to Pakistan to be rebuilt.

Recent road delays have seen heavy equipment from the former refinery moved to Gelliswick, via the Dale road.

As part of the decommissioning, The Terra Marique ship, berthed at Pembroke Port will make six barge journeys from Gelliswick Bay to Pembroke Port, with the loads transferred to the SAL Regine heavy lift vessel, as part of the final export of the Murco refinery to Pakistan.