AN ELDERLY Dale woman died at Withybush after suffering a fall at home, an inquest heard last Thursday, August 29.

Sheila Winifred Hibbert, aged 89, of Windmill Farm, Dale died at Withybush hospital on July 15.

Coroner’s Officer Jeremy Davies told the inquest Mrs Hibbert, formerly of Weobley, Herefordshire, had lived at Windmill Farm with her husband since 1977.

She was generally in good health, living an active life until suffering a heart attack in 2002 following a blood clot.

In 2007 Mrs Hibbert suffered another clot and was taken to Withybush, and was prescribed warfarin.

Some five years ago Mrs Hibbert started to use a stick for walking and suffered a number of falls, the inquest heard.

Mrs Hibbert suffered a number of falls in 2018, but wanted to continue driving, later suffering a fall from her Skoda Yeti 4x4, fracturing her pelvis.

Her son and daughter-in-law later took responsibility for her care, and she was in good health from Christmas 2018-March 2019, suffering another fall that March at home, hitting her head.

At 9pm on July 14, Mrs Hibbert’s daughter-in-law Shirley received a call that she had fallen and couldn’t get up.

Mrs Hibbert told her daughter-in-law she was suffering pain and was taken to bed.

The next morning, Mr and Mrs Hibbert went to Windmill Farm, finding Mrs Hibbert senior by the bed with blood around her mouth.

An ambulance was called, and Mrs Hibbert was taken to Withybush where she passed away, at 11.30am that morning.

The cause of her death was given as intracranial bleeding, following a fall in which she hit her head the night before.

Reaching a conclusion of an accidental death, HM Coroner for Pembrokeshire Mark Layton said: “Following an unwitnessed fall, Mrs Hibbert has sustained a head injury which sadly she did not recover from.”