Violence broke out at 6.45am in a Milford pub famous for opening early, a jury heard today (Tuesday).

Aaron Peniket is alleged to have snapped a pool cue in two and used one end to hit out at customers trying to eject him.

And when he was outside he threw a glass ashtray at the entrance causing a serious head wound to one of them, it was alleged.

Peniket, aged 30, of Hounsell Avenue, Manorbier, denies unlawfully wounding Simon Allerton and Andrew Fairburn and battering Jodie Mackie on October 21 last year.

Stephen Rees, prosecuting, told Swansea crown court how the Trafalgar pub in Charles Street opened at 6am each Sunday.

A short while after Peniket arrived at about 6.30am the landlady, Sally Allen, told him he was being aggressive and had to drink up and leave. Peniket replied: "Whose Army is going to make me?. You will have to drag me out."

Jodie Mackie tried to usher him out but Peniket grabbed her by the throat.

Amid "chaos and confusion" Peniket waved the broken cue around but customers managed to get him out.

"But that was not the end of it," said Mr Rees.

"He picked up a glass ashtray and threw it towards people standing in the doorway, causing a significant and unpleasant injury to Mr Allerton," he added.

Mr Rees said Peniket was then locked out but picked up a pole and began hammering at the front door before finally walking away.

The jury heard that by chance Miss Mackie later spotted Peniket waiting at a bus stop and told police where they could find him.

After his arrest Peniket gave police a written statement denying handling the cue or throwing the ashtray.

The trial continues.