A SPECIAL meeting, following a spate of anti-social behaviour and vandalism, is to take place in Hubberston tomorrow evening, September 13.

An open meeting will be held at Hubberston and Hakin Community Centre, Church Road, Hubberston, on Friday evening from 5pm to 7pm.

Back in July, a dog refuse bin was burnt to a cinder on the Liddeston Valley footpath.

Hubberston councillor Vivien Stoddart said at the time: “The dog poo bin at Hubberston's Havens Head-Silverstream footpath vandalised on Sunday. One of a litany of destruction of community facilities (Persimmon play park; Hubberston Community Association's play ground; St David's Church; the now-closed Gellisiwick Toilets) mainly paid for by you, either by your taxes, or your lottery money.

“The vandals must be known to people. Report them to the police.”

Hubberston Recreation Area has also been hit by vandals this year, with fencing damaged and graffiti left on equipment.

Julie Hawkins, who was instrumental in setting up the park with her husband Mark nearly two decades ago, has previously said: “This is an utter disgrace we are not putting up with this; this is vandalism and we will not tolerate this anymore. Unless the culprits come forward the park will be closed from 8pm tonight until further notice.”

St David’s Church in Hubberston has also been hit by vandals on several occasions.

Cllr Viv Stoddart said: “There's real concern in the community about what appears to be escalating anti-social behaviour including arson.

“The aim [of the meeting] is allow residents to give voice to their concerns to the authorities about the recent spate of anti-social behaviour which is blighting our community.

Pembrokeshire County Council officers and the police will be present. You are most welcome to come along.”