IT seems like only yesterday that the August link up between Radio Caroline North and Manx Radio took place!

2019 is flying by and the next link up takes place on September 21 and 22.

Starting at 10.30am on Saturday 21 on Manx Radio's MW AM frequency of 1368khz ,the programmes from the studios aboard the radio ship, Ross Revenge, continue until 9pm on Sunday, September 22.

They are also available on Radio Caroline's own MW frequency of 648khz and online via the Manx Radio and Radio Caroline web sites.

Signals from 1368khz are once again excellent into Wales now that the transmitter is back up to full power so tune in to musical memories from the 1960s,70s and 80s - you will not be disappointed.

Requests can be emailed to Radio Caroline North using and it's possible you will receive a ‘live on air’ mention to add to the enjoyment!

Happy listening to radio presenting at its best and the way it should be in the UK.


Simpson Cross