I AM sure that it is purely coincidental that you have, in your last issue, a mention of climate protestors and another item on the state of the Mill Pond.

On the subject of climate change, I am sure that no-one welcomes it, but perhaps it would be better if the protest were for something positive to be done.

Here we come to the state of the Mill Pond.

Has no-one noticed that the word ‘mill’ suggests that there was a mill there once.

In fact, I understand that after the mill had ceased production there was an electric turbine working there.

There was also one in Quoits Mill, just down the river.

In this day and age, with technology that can put a man on the moon, could the mill race not be used once more to provide electricity?

The income from this could well generate funds to allow the rehabilitation of the pond itself, if not also to swell the funds of the council?

This would in fact be completely ‘renewable’ power, which we are all talking about now.

While we are about it, perhaps the protestors could campaign to have all the now defunct mill sites in the county brought back into use?

There is also our own tidal lagoon, at Carew.