FOLLOWING a spate of vandalism; a serious arson attack, and anti-social behaviour by young people in Hubberston's Havens Head and Liddeston, a special meeting was held last week.

At the Hubberston and Hakin Community Centre meeting, worried householders spoke with Milford Haven police sergeant Terri Harrison, her colleague, and Pembrokeshire County Council youth service officers James White and Steve Davis, to voice concerns about the impact of the anti-social behaviour on their quality of life.

The area has suffered a spate of antisocial behaviour in recent months.

Back in July, a dog refuse bin was burnt to a cinder on the Liddeston Valley footpath.

Hubberston Recreation Area has also been hit by vandals this year, with fencing damaged and graffiti left on equipment.

St David’s Church in Hubberston has also been hit by vandals on several occasions.

County councillor Viv Stoddart had been asked by her constituents to hold a meeting with the authorities.

She told the Mercury: "Feedback from the people attending was that it was a constructive meeting, with lots of issues covered."

Following the free-ranging discussion, a resident later said: "The police and the local authority now have a better idea of what is going on in the area, and how it's affecting us all. Hopefully more action will take place on controlling anti-social behaviour."

Sergeant Harrison stressed the importance of establishing clear lines of communication between residents and the police and urged the public to report incidents.