TWO Pembrokeshire charities have teamed up to ensure pets in need don’t go without food.

Hardship charity Patch had found clients were often giving donated food to their pets, rather than feed themselves.

Greenacres animal rescue group stepped in to ensure that pets would be fed without those in need of food themselves having to go without.

Mikey Lawlor of Greenacres said: “We are very happy to work alongside Patch Charity to provide a pet food bank.

“Patch - Pembrokeshire Action To Combat Hardship helps people who find themselves in situations of genuine financial difficulty by providing food and essential items.

“We are very generously supported by Burns Pet Nutrition for our complete dog food so often have other brands donated these can be used here to ensure that no-one, whether that be people or animal, goes without a meal.”

Tracey Olin, of Patch, said: “We realised that clients were giving donated food to their pets rather than eating it themselves.

“We started to keep dented tins of meat and fish for dogs and cats. That wasn’t enough, and people started to donate animal food.

“We kept running out. Now with the amazing help from Greenacres we can make sure the whole family have food, including the fur babies.

“It is also another great example of Pembrokeshire charities working together for our community.

“Access to the animal food bank is the same way as all our referrals. Please make sure you mention if you need animal food too.”