A cocaine dealer from Milford Haven who carried on selling despite being arrested has been jailed today (Monday) for five years and nine months.

Stuart Morris, aged 52, was arrested on May 4 and found to be in possession of 64 grams of cocaine at a high purity rate of more than 80%.

But local police took what a judge described as "a staggering decision" to release him "pending further investigations."

"They could have charged him there and then and remanded him into custody," said Judge Geraint Walters at Swansea crown court.

"He admitted he had been dealing commercially since the start of the year and that he could turn cocaine into crack cocaine."

On August 22 police raided his home in Precelly Place and found a further 64 grams of cocaine.

Morris admitted two offences of possessing cocaine with intent to supply.

He also admitted driving while under the influence of three different drugs.

Judge Walters said he found it astonishing that Morris was not charged on the first occasion.

"The inevitable happened. It was wholly predictable that you would go back to dealing."

Morris' barrister, James Hartson, said he was a heavy user himself and sold drugs to finance his own habit.

Judge Walters told Morris he had been peddling misery around Milford Haven so that he could take cocaine himself.

Morris was banned from driving for 18 months after his release from prison. His car was confiscated and will be destroyed.

Ronnie James, of Prioryville, Milford Haven, admitted being concerned in the supply of cocaine in a case linked to that of Morris.

He will be sentenced on October 10 to allow a probation officer time to prepare a report into his background.

James was granted bail until then but warned a jail sentence would be the probable outcome.