A TERRIFIED little kitten was rescued after being found in a bin in Pembroke earlier this week.

Little Cully the kitten, one of two rescued, is now being looked after by Greenacres animal rescue.

Sadly, the other kitten found in the bin had passed away.

Mikey Lawlor of Talbenny-based Greenacres animal rescue said: “On September 25, we were contacted by Pembrokeshire County Council staff to say that two kittens had been found in Pembroke in a bin; sadly one was already deceased.

“This kitten is terrified and un-handleable at the moment, huge thank you to the PCC staff for saving this little one and bringing him to us.

“You’re safe now little one.”

The kitten was found by council worker -and Mikey’s brother - Gareth, and Jonny Sutton.

It is believed the parent may have been a feral cat.

Mikey added: “Donations and support of Greenacres allows us to be there for animals like this little kitten.

“This little guy is not available for adoption. We will not be taking reserves or applications so please do not apply.

“We need to assess and see how tame he becomes before we can formulate a forward plan for what’s best. Please respect this and thank you for your cooperation.

“It’s obviously been born wild to a feral mum. It maybe young enough to tame down, time will tell.”

If you are looking to adopt a cat please visit greenacresrescue.org.uk and see what cats we have available for adoption.