A LONE woman faced the frightening prospect of four youths attempting to get into her car while she waited at traffic lights last night, September 26.

Self-employed Pembroke taxi driver Lisa Davies posted on Facebook last night: “Beware peeps I just had four young boys in their twenties roughly trying to get into my car while I was sat at the Aldi traffic lights.

“Luckily I held onto my door as they were trying to open it and luckily the lights changed to green and I drove off with my door open to get away from them.... be careful out there anyone tonight.”

Lisa, who owns rock ‘n roll cabs, has now reported the the incident to police.

Lisa told the Western Telegraph about the incident, which happened just before 9pm: “I haven’t got a good description of them they were roughly in their twenties in dark-coloured clothing, which doesn’t really narrow things down to be honest.

“It all happened so quick, I didn’t hang around; as soon as traffic was moving I drove with door open to get away.

“I went back half hour later and they had gone; don’t know what they were after whether it was my car, money, or me, or just wanted help, although I don’t think they wanted help as they weren’t shouting for help.”

Speaking of the first of the group to try and enter the car, Lisa said: “He was going totally the wrong way about it whatever he wanted. Just wanted to get away as quick as possible.

“Totally random to open a taxi driver’s driver door in a queue of traffic lights, that’s not normal behaviour.”