ANIMAL rescue group Greenacres wants your old blankets to help keep our four-legged friends warm during the winter months.

Mikey Lawlor of Greenacres said: “With winter approaching we really struggle with washing and drying enough blankets for the dogs/cats in our care.

“We are appealing to everyone, to see if anyone has any blankets they no longer need. We are not in need of sheets, duvets or duvet covers, blankets are best and in an ideal world fleece as it’s easy to wash and dry, but we will take any blankets or throws.

“Blankets are a godsend here and we can never have enough, but we must stress not sheets or duvets/pillows; the filling is a hazard if the dogs rip the bedding.

“We would very grateful if anyone has any and they can be dropped to our shops, or directly to the centre that’s open every day 9-5pm. Winter is our toughest time and having enough bedding for the animals is a huge help.”

For more information, see the Greenacres website.