ONE of the main forces behind the creation of a vandal-blighted community recreation area has expressed her frustration after it was targeted once again.

On Sunday night, October 6, Hubberston Recreation Area was hit by vandals, with fencing damaged.

This is not the first time the park has been damaged this year.

Julie Hawkins, who was instrumental in setting up the park with her husband Mark nearly two decades ago, said: “Last night [October 6] when we closed, three young lads told me [about the damage], because I been away the weekend.

“They also showed me a video they took on their phone showing four boys on the skatepark when it was closed.”

The park previously suffered vandalism in April, with fencing damaged and graffiti left on equipment.

The wider area has also suffered a spate of vandalism, with a a dog refuse bin burnt to a cinder on the Liddeston Valley footpath.

St David's Church, Hubberston, has also been hit on numerous occasions.

A public meeting was recently held at Hubberston and Hakin Community Centre, giving residents a chance to air their concerns.

Julie expressed her frustration: “I am going to report it to police later; right now I am so mad I could close the park and demolish everything, and hand the land back to Pembrokeshire County Council.”

Julie has previously appealed for the community to get involved in respecting the park.

“When there are adults up there, we would appreciate if they said something to the kids: ‘if you’re going to vandalise the park then get out’.

“This is your park, it’s the only one like it in Pembrokeshire. If you’re going to use it, use it, but don’t disrespect it.”