MILFORD Haven School has recently gained life-saving equipment which will be available to the wider community.

As part of October 16’s national 'Restart a Heart' day the school unveiled new defibrillator equipment.

Milford Haven School Community Engagement Officer Gemma Baker said: “We are proud to say that we have a defibrillator at Milford Haven School that will shortly be set up and available to the benefit of over 1,000 pupils, staff here at the school and the wider community that access our school site and facilities.

“If someone suffers a heart attack, using a defibrillator on them in the first three minutes gives them a 74 per cent chance of survival, without a defibrillator or medical assistance in the first three minutes your chances of survival are as low as six per cent.

“With every minute that passes for an individual suffering a cardiac arrest, their chances of survival are reduced by seven-10 per cent. The numbers speak for themselves.

“Due to the reduction in health care services, and the isolated nature of our location, we feel that it is our duty to do anything that we can do to increase vital lifesaving resources available in our town.

“Every day in the UK 420 people lose their lives to cardiovascular disease, including heart attacks- that’s one death every three minutes. There are around seven million people in the UK suffering from cardiovascular disease, which means that a defibrillator based at MHS would be an incredible asset to the people of Milford Haven town.”