A MILFORD Haven author, launching his new business start-up guide, recently shared his know-how at a special workshop at the town’s Royal British Legion.

Author Michael Allen is in the process of launching his new book Choose an Idea with Confidence, which he wrote over the summer in Milford, a sequel to his earlier book Bouncepreneurs.

Alongside the book launch, Michael held a special workshop for young would-be entrepreneurs.

“I wanted to give something back to all those people who have supported me during the course of writing the book, and to show younger entrepreneurs a smart way to start up and start up safe,” said Michael.

Speaking after the book launch, he said: “The launch event went very well, and I had a good turnout considering the weather.

“The British Legion were superb and would really put a major hotel to shame. Great radio mikes, lovely audio-visuals and such a friendly can-do approach. It is a great place for training, actually.

“The audience was very mixed, but we all agreed that there is a strong entrepreneurial culture in Milford Haven, and Pembrokeshire generally, but that we were guilty of not projecting success to outsiders as much as we could do.

“We also debated the idea of how to scale a business beyond the one-man entrepreneur and there were some great ideas from the audience on this.

“Finally, we discussed the process of picking a great idea and the need to look not so much for ideas, but real customer pain points that could be served by entrepreneurs.

“So, all-in-all a very positive, optimistic evening. I took plenty of orders for books and I have been encouraged by the event and plan to hold a second one in November, again in the evening.”