A VINTAGE horse-drawn hearse, previously used by a Pembrokeshire carriage company, is to be restored and used at the funeral of one of the men renovating it.

Advertised recently for £450 on Facebook, the hearse was described as “Vintage horse drawn hearse for restoration offers considered. All etched glass complete.”

Herbrandston based Kate Telford said: “She has travelled a long road with us, but our treasured hearse has found a home on the west coast of Wales.”

The hearse has been bought by an un-named buyer from the Cardigan area, to restore with his terminally ill father.

The hearse, fittingly, will be used for his father’s funeral.

“It’s fitting that she has been purchased to give final tribute to a fine horseman whose ambition was to be laid to rest drawn by his own horses,” said Kate.

“The hearse has been with our carriage company, Carriages in the Park, for many years. Our range of carriages are well known for fetes, carnivals, weddings, proms, and tourist rides.

“A long time ago we bought Bella, as she was affectionately called to be used for fetes, carnivals, and hallowe’en. It did not seem appropriate to use our funeral hearse for such jollity

“For many years we operated Tenby Carriage rides, giving historic tours of the town. With the passage of the years Tenby was becoming much busier, with pedestrians in the town, and, particularly during holiday times when it was really congested it was becoming difficult to ensure safety despite a groom walking ahead of the horse to clear the way.

“We took the sad decision in the spring to bring the long tradition to an end.

“We continue with weddings and events, but without Tenby the hearse would have little call.

“At the same time that we retired to our stud in Herbrandston we resolved to create a job for the Tenby horses, who were not ready to retire.

“We have developed a Magic Pony Kingdom, where the children can come and visit the ponies at the farm or have a magic carriage ride. From next week they can visit Santa too!

“As it revolves around children, we could not see a job for the hearse and so we decided to find her a home.

“We had response from far and wide, from the highlands of Scotland to the West Coast of Ireland, but are glad that a local home has been found, where Bella will be cared for.”