It's our time for a coffee and garibaldi, so put the cat out and pull up a pouffe, while we take a look at some feedback re recent TRM's.

Last week, I featured some memories from Eddie Setterfield, about their family taxi hire business, which prompted this Email from Margaret Jones.

"Hi Jeff, Just been reading TRM, re Eddie Setterfield's dad.

I worked with him in Milford Haven Post Office telephone exchange.

He actually drove me to my wedding in 1956. Lovely man."

Thanks Margaret.

Next follow up is from a TRM from a few weeks ago, the one which included a 1933 photo of a group of guys outside what is now the Waterloo Club.

My old pal Roger Max, now living in Cardiff, picked it up, and sent me this Email and photo, to remind me of some gloriously happy days, when the WC was my regular "watering hole."

" Jeff, here's a photo of the club, taken late 1960's, with Lloyds Bank sign painted over.

With Xmas coming up, I was thinking about the crowd that would get in there for you, and a few others, to do your song and comedy show on Boxing Days. I bet they took nearly as much money in relative terms as they do in a week now."

Cheers Roger and you're right, those particular Boxing Days in the WC were, indeed, colossal "events" and a bit special.

This week, in TRM Trawler Corner, we're featuring the "Lord Lettrim" AKA "Tripp"

and"West Neuk."

A steel, steam screw, coal burning drifter. Built 1910, by Cochranes of Selby 74 tons. 80' long.

Milford owners Aug 1915 William Henry East Priory Rd.

Feb 1919 William Edwin Luke Hubberston Dec 1919 W. H. East Jr Waterloo Rd. As Tripp M62 Landed at Milford as Lord Lettrim from July 1919 to Nov 1921 as Tripp from Jan 1922 to May 1928 Skippers James Edwards..Charles Henry Jackson..George Ernest Sturley William Charles Mayhew..John P James.

She was named after the 5th Earl Lord Lettrim, born 1879, who served and was taken prisoner in the Boer War. He was also a polo player, and opposed to votes for women.

In Dec 1915 Requisitioned as anti-sub net drifter.

April 1940 ( As West Neuk) Requisitioned for war service as barrage balloon vessel.

Here's a local news item from 24/9/24.

"On Monday morning, the steam trawler Tripp, owned by the firm of W.E. East, towed into Fishguard Harbour the vessel R. Passmore..a ketch (wood from Liverpool) after a thrilling experience in the severe gales which raged on Sunday last.

It was night time off the Smalls, when the fishing liner saw the ketch showing signs of distress, and the Skipper of the liner J P James of Dewsland Street, lost no time in heading his vessel towards the disabled sailing craft.

He found the men on board..(four hands) the point of exhaustion, having been in distress for something like fifty odd hours. By fine seamanship, the ketch was taken in tow, and brought into Fishguard harbour on Monday morning.

The liner Tripp, arrived in her home port of Milford, the same night, and landed her voyage of fish yesterday morning.

The ketch R Passmore, was bound from Guernsey with a cargo of china clay.

Lord Lettrim/ Tripp/ West Neuk..was broken up in 1951, and here's a snap of her.

Now time for our valiant band of teasers (I gather there are many who love this part of TRM but don't actually get in touch with answers..I know I can be scary !) The answer to last week's poser were the letters...I T S and those who felt brave enough to tell me were..Margaret Jones, Les Haynes, Anne & Jets Llewellyn, Charles Weatherall, Elinor Jones and Roger Max.

No teaser today, relax, I'm giving you a break.

I won't be here next week, but I'm leaving you with this very old snap of Charles Street, when it was the town's main shopping centre, and when the docks area was predominantly for the fishing and associated shipping industries. The world has changed, as has the town of Milford. Shopping habits have changed dramatically, as we all know. But there are still some people around who remember how it was back "in the old days"..and wish things hadn't changed quite so much as they have.

OK ..let the cat back in, I'm off...see you soon.