AT last the scandalous saga of Haverfordwest's Cherry Grove is coming to an end (Western Telegraph, December 25, Notable Buildings set for council sell-off).

Notorious might be a more apt description than ‘notable’ about this blot on the landscape that looms over the county town; a tangible reminder of the folly of the county council's previous administration's speculative purchase of the former tax office.

Six years ago, when I had the temerity to question the ruling group's plans for this white elephant, the-then leader of the council, Jamie Adams accused me of preferring the building to fall into disrepair.

He added that it was important this did not happen; and so over two million pounds of taxpayers' hard-earned cash, including £1,800,000 on refurbishment, was spent on a building for which no viable use was ever found.


County councillor representing Hubberston Ward