A burglar who targeted business premises in Milford has been jailed today.

A judge told Thomas John Picton his life was such a mess because of drugs “the best gift I can bestow on you is to lock you up.”

Picton, aged 34, of Rectory Avenue, Hakin, admitted two burglaries and causing criminal damage.

Ieuan Rees, prosecuting, told Swansea crown court how police responded to an alarm going off at Cohens pharmacy, Milford, at 2.41am on November 26 last year.

A burglar had got away with 60 boxes of the tranquilliser Diazepam.

At 9am that morning staff at Heaven Scent, a shop in the Precinct, Milford, discovered the premises had been burgled and £925 worth of stock stolen.

The burglar had also caused £200 worth of damage getting into the premises.

Mr Rees said a drop of blood was found on a shelf and a DNA test matched it to Picton, who was soon arrested.

Mr Rees said by chance Picton was sentenced by magistrates just two days later to a community order for a business burglary, but that court had even unaware of the Milford break ins.

Judge Geraint Walters jailed Picton for 16 months, after telling him, “Your life is out of control because you have been addicted to that most dreadful of drugs, heroin, and on top of that, spice.

“Heroin and spice will kill you and the best gift I can bestow on you is to lock you up. Prison is the best place for you.”