A MILFORD man who “drained” a widow’s bank account without her knowing has been jailed for 12 months.

Andrew Clive Baldry, aged 30, of Hawthorn Path, Mount Estate, secretly withdrew the money that had been left by the late husband of the victim.

Now, said Judge Geraint Walters, there was no prospect of Baldry repaying any of the money.

Swansea crown court heard how the victim's husband had been diagnosed with a terminal illness and both agreed to draw down his life insurance so they could enjoy what time there was left together.

Judge Walters said on his death there was about £25,000 left in the account, which was to guarantee the woman's future.

“That would have provided her with some reassurance as to the future,” he said.

But in 2017 she began a relationship with Baldry.

However, added the judge, they had never lived together and during their relationship Baldry had been seeing another woman.

Baldry began transferring money from the victim’s account almost immediately and between July 31, 2017, and June 11, 2018, withdrew £24,668.

The court heard Baldry, who was unemployed, spent the money on “day to day living” as well as buying himself a car.

In an impact statement read to the court the victim said she "could never explain how devastated I am."

Baldry admitted fraud.

Judge Walters said his offending had been “tremendously mean and cruel.”

He said Baldry had been determined and, after being found out, had shown no remorse for what he had done.

Judge Walters said the offence was far too serious for the prison sentence to be suspended.