A RARE swan has been caught on camera in the Cleddau at Pembroke Dock recently.

The vast majority of swans which you may see in the UK are white. The black swan (Cygnus atratus) is a native of Australia but several are now living in the wild in Britain.

Eagle-eyed reader Victor Horsbugh captured an image of the Antipodean avian near Pembroke Dock’s Front Street, saying: “A rare black swan, usually over 10,000 miles away in Australia was spotted on the Cleddau estuary by Pembroke Dock’s Front Street.

“Although they are in Britain, wild ones are very rare. The black beauty was with other regular white swans taking in the local scenery.”

Since then, further images of the swan were captured by Pembroke Dock-based Pembrokeshire Coastal Forum, who posted on Twitter: “From our offices in Pembroke Dock we have a great view of the Haven Waterway, and this morning [January 10] we were treated to a view of a rare black swan.

“These Australian natives were introduced to the UK as ornamental birds, but populations now live in the wild.

“Has anyone else spotted them?”