A BID to hold a special meeting to discuss payment to councillors failed at Neyland Town Council on Monday night (Jan 6).

Councillors had been discussing a new document from One Voice Wales which set out details for expenses paid to mayors and councillors.

Currently the mayor can claim for up to £1,500 in expenses, while they also get £1,500 for taking up the role.

However, some councillors felt that £3,000 was too much to give to the mayor of a town that was described as "very small".

No alternative figure was given, and a special meeting was suggested, but that was not supported.

Councillor Gareth Lawlor said: “£3,000 is going to the mayor of a town that is very small; it is the same as Caerphilly or Cardiff.

“Pembroke pay £1,500, and that mayor is far more active than Neyland, and now we have a new document from One Voice Wales which is totally different from the year before.”

Town Clerk Jane Clark said the document did not change anything and that it had just been sent out to explain how it works.

She added: “We won’t get anybody to be mayor if they have to pay using their own money.”

Current mayor, Cllr Bill McGarvie said they were complying with the guidelines, and hit back at Cllr Lawlor saying he was "very active".

Cllr Mike Harry said: “Any expenses the mayor incurs he can claim, he also gets a wage for being the mayor. We can agree the expenses you for what you pay for, but you can’t agree an amount of expenses.”

Cllr Lawlor called for a special meeting to discuss payments to members, but only four people supported that call, with eight voting against.