A PEMBROKESHIRE man has been reunited with his much-needed hat, following an appeal through the readers of the Western Telegraph.

Andrew Zerk last saw the hat on January 18, while at the Watermans Arms, Pembroke.

Appealing for its return, he said: “Please could whoever took my hat from the Watermans Arms last Saturday return it, as I need it, as it is the only one I have that comfortably protects my head, and as I am having more skin cancers removed next week I really need it.

“If anyone sees it would they please let the person know.”

After news of Andrew’s missing hat got around, many kind-hearted people offered replacements, and even prayers were suggested, with rumours the hat may have been taken as far afield as Ibiza.

Fortunately, Andrew was reunited with the hat on Sunday, January 26, after it was brought into the pub.