MILFORD Haven Town Council has given its objection to plans to build a 100-bed hotel on Milford Waterfront.

The application has caused much controversy in the town and at a meeting of the council on Monday night (Jan 27), Mayor Terry Davies said he had had numerous requests to try to get it refused.

Cllr Lynne Turner added: “We look forward to the development of the marina and the town desperately needs quality beds, but we have been contacted by a number of representatives from the Lower Priory area who are concerned about the impact on flooding.

“The sewage waste from this development, the change to the water, unless the Port Authority addresses the culverts in the area, this must be a risk to increased flooding.”

Pembrokeshire County Council is currently looking at a survey of the area and councillors said they would need to see the results of that before deciding.

Cllr Rhys Sinnett said: “It is clear from the representation from the communities affected by the floods in 2018, they are still awaiting answers and actions from Pembrokeshire County Council to ensure nothing like this ever happens again.

“Whilst no action is being taken, I don’t see how we can support anything that might raise water levels and I suggest we need to delay this as long as possible.

“There is no reference in the report to the flooding in 2018 so how can we support an application that has faulty information.”

Cllr Turner proposed that the town council object to the application on health and safety grounds.

Cllr Sinnett added that because of the controversial nature of the application, he would be strongly suggesting the application go before the council’s planning committee.

He said that would also gives members of the community the opportunity to voice their concerns.

Councillors voted unanimously to object to the application.

Andy Jones, CEO at the Port of Milford Haven, said: “I was hugely disappointed to learn yesterday, via an article in the Milford Mercury, that Milford Haven Town Council is objecting to the Port’s plans to make a considerable investment in the regeneration of Milford Haven with the build of a 100-bedroom hotel which would create much needed jobs and attract many more visitors.

“The fact is that the construction and operation of the hotel will have no adverse effect on water levels in the pills of Havens Head and Lower Priory and therefore, although I have yet to receive formal notification, it appears that the justification for the Town Council’s objection is based on a poor understanding of the facts.

“It is very concerning that they have unanimously voted to object on these grounds without first seeking clarification from the Port, and the damage that headlines such as this can have on the ability for us to secure investors cannot be underestimated.

“Surface water will be routed via an existing pipe along Nelson Quay and will discharge into the Haven via an existing outfall. None of this water will enter Milford Docks or the pills.

“Foul sewage will be routed via the existing Welsh Water network which has no connection with Milford Docks or the pills.

“The construction of the hotel will not affect any physical aspect of Milford Docks and its water capacity and surface area will be unaltered.”