I HAD quite a few 'interesting' comments following my town hall and Rath outdoor swimming pool topics, so I've strung some together showing that there are strong feelings and opinions about what's happening.

Firstly…re Milford's town hall.

"An iconic building, Jeff, that PCC want to sell…"

"The people of Milford raised the money to build it, why can't it be handed back to them?"

"It's a lovely building. My pipe dream if I won the lottery, was to buy it, do something charitable for the community with the lower level, and have a cracking penthouse suite for myself on the top. View must be stunning…"

And finally, a broader reflection.

"Jeff…during the last 70 years, man has taken small steps on the moon… nearly every house in Britain has at least two or more TV sets, plus some kind of computer, a car (or two)...instant food, and instant credit are available on tap, and it's probably now possible to visit all Seven Wonders of the World on a seven-day package holiday.

“But in our town, the Rath's ‘progress’ includes…closure of the pool, a few unused ‘bandstands’...some ugly fish boxes that overlook the neglected Scotch Bay beach…a ludicrous, concrete putting area…and now the selling off a wonderful town hall building.

“To be honest…Milford was a far better place in the 1950s!" I'm in no mood to disagree with those sentiments, as Rumpole said to old Bill Bailey…"I'll let you be the judge…now won't you come home?"

Meanwhile, I'm dedicating this TRM to memories of the Fabulous Fifties.

In TRM Trawler Corner is Ascona LT108, a steel-sided drifter, built in 1930, 138 tons…98' long…landed at Milford from 1953 to 1969, owners in 1953…Norrard Trawlers. Skippers included…’King’ Jack Chenery, Charles Manthorpe, and Jack Clarke.

In 1939 she was requisitioned by the Admiralty and converted for minesweeping duties.

Here's an interesting report from the WWGuardian of June 19, 1953.

"A five-ton haul of blubber, which landlubbers would call jelly fish, caused a broken mast on the Milford drifter-trawler Ascona, which returned to port on Tuesday after only three days’ fishing. The weight of the jelly fish in the trawl bag, as it was hauled in, caused the forestay to part, bringing down the mast.

"Fortunately, no-one was hurt in the accident, which might have been serious. The Ascona, under skipper Jack Chenery, returned to port and grossed £311 from her catch of 59 kits."

In October 1957 she was converted to diesel, and in June 1970, sailed from Milford under skipper Jack Utting to be broken up in Blythe.

Here is a snap of the Ascona...and also one of her crew from November 1954.

Crew…L-R Back row…Ch Eng George Reed; Bosun…Gordon Bennett; Deckies…Alan Funge and Frank Reynolds; Deckie Trimmer…John White.

Front row…2nd Eng...John Peek; Cook…Wilfie Reek; Skipper…Jack Chenery; Mate…Ted Chillendon.

I'm also including a third snap, showing those busy days on the fish market.

In the early to mid 1950s, we didn't own a television (in 1954 the licence went up from £2 to £3 a year!)…but I was engrossed with the wireless programmes that were captivating huge listening audiences. On the Beeb were comedy gems like…Ray's a Laugh, with Ted Ray, Life with the Lyons, starring Ben Lyon and Bebe Daniels, Take it from here, with Jimmy Edwards, Educating Archie, with Peter Brough, and my personal two favourites… Hancock's Half Hour, with Tony Hancock, and the manic comedy of The Goon Show, starring Peter Sellers, Spike Milligan, and Harry Secombe.

I reckon, in the Fifties, people used to laugh aloud more often than they do today.

When it came to the songs of the 1950s, there was a huge turnaround in my listening preferences.

For the first half of the decade, I enjoyed songs like Secret Love and Que Sera Sera by the delectable Doris Day, and Cara Mia by David Whitfield, the singing brickie.

But from 1956-on, I was hooked on the ‘devil's music’…Rock'n'Roll... with songs like Elvis's Hound Dog...Buddy Holly and the Crickets' Peggy Sue... Paul Anka's Diana...and Bobby Darin's Dream Lover.

And 65 years later...I still am!

Now something for all who read this column just for the teasers.

What relation would your father's only single sister's sister-in-law be to you?

That's your lot for this week, if you feel like getting in touch…please do.