SHOPLIFTING and other crimes are being targeted by police in Pembroke Dock, despite a temporary shortfall in the number of officers, members of the town council heard.

At the January meeting of Pembroke Dock Town Council, Sergeant Lewis Simpson, of the Neighbourhood policing team, met with members of the council as guest speaker.

He informed councillors about the recently introduced Steal and Be Banned (SABB) scheme in the town.

Businesses and shops that are members of the SABB scheme display posters in their windows to promote their membership, forming a SABB committee, which will decide if someone should be banned from all member stores after they have been convicted in court or been issued with a fixed penalty notice or a caution from the police.

“Shoplifting is not a massive issue, but it is affecting local business,” said Sgt Simpson.

“The shopkeepers themselves will decide who they ban,” he added, warning that any banned people entering a shop on the SABB scheme could be charged with the more serious offence of burglary for any subsequent thefts.

He also highlighted a recent spate of antisocial behaviour in the town, around Bush Camp and Bush Street, telling members the matter was being overseen by officers.

Members heard the number on PCSOs on duty in the town was currently lower than hoped, with recent sickness and maternity cover, but the number was expected to increase in February, with new officers joining.

Members of the public at the meeting raised concerns about cyclists in the town.

One issue was cyclists riding the wrong way up one-way streets.

“If you say anything to them, you get a mouth-full,” councillors were told.

Later in the meeting, Councillor Jane Philips said other parts of the town were suffering the effects of antisocial behaviour, with youths throwing stones.

Cllr Philips said she had actually been hit on the head by a stone on one occasion.