Causing a kerfuffle on a Milford Haven street cost a drunk and disorderly woman nearly £200.

Louise Wiltshire, 55, pleaded guilty to being drunk and disorderly in a public place when she appeared before Haverfordwest magistrates on Tuesday, February 4.

Prosecutor Dennis Davies said police were called to Charles Street at 9.15pm on January 15 because of concerns about an intoxicated woman.

Wiltshire, of Fleming Crescent, Haverfordwest, talked in a raised voice as she walked towards the officers, who noted her speech was slurred and she was unsteady on her feet.

Mr Davies said: “She became obstructive and staggered towards the busy road. She put her arms in the air and lunged towards members of the public.

“She was screaming and shouting and her demeanour was aggressive.”

Wiltshire was arrested for being drunk and disorderly. The court heard that she had previous similar convictions.

Wiltshire, who represented herself, said: “I am really sorry for my actions.”

She added that she was seeking help from an organisation for her alcohol issue and starting voluntary work.

“I just want to get my life back on track.”

Magistrates fined Wiltshire £80 and ordered her to pay £85 court costs and a £32 surcharge.

The chairman of the bench said: “You did not cooperate at the beginning and there was a bit of a kerfuffle.”