A CALL to support a plastic-free Pembroke and Monkton will be heard at the February meeting of Pembroke Town Council.

Jaimie Gurney, currently running a project in the Monkton and Pembroke area, under the guidelines set out by Surfers against Sewage in its plastic-free communities toolkit, is aiming is to gain plastic free status for Monkton and Pembroke, by following a checklist to help individuals and businesses to reduce the amount of avoidable single-use plastic they use.

In a letter to councillors, included in correspondence for the February 13 meeting, Miss Gurney states: “The checklist is surprising fairly simple to follow and something I feel, with the correct support, easily achievable.

“We are all aware of the environmental crisis we are all facing with plastic pollution at an all-time high; I feel it’s time we did something as a community to help do our own bit for the environment.

“Part of this criteria is to contact our local councillors to ask if they would be willing to get on board with the project, and ask them to introduce the motion to local governance so they may pass a resolution to support the journey to plastic free community status.

“I have already been in contact and have support from a number of local councillors who feel the next step in objective one of our checklist would be to contact yourself to see if we could arrange a time to maybe talk through the project and see the possibility of getting this resolution passed.

“I have included a copy of the mission statement sent to me by Surfers Against Sewage, who have initiated the Plastic Free Communities Project. https://www.sas.org.uk/plastic-free-communities/”