A hospital toilet-seat was smashed by an upset patient following an argument with his mother.

Martin Dean, of Robert Street, Milford Haven, was due to appear via video link at Haverfordwest magistrates court on Tuesday, February 18.

Dean, 30, did not appear on the screen, but entered a guilty plea to a charge of criminal damage through his solicitor Tom Lloyd.

The court heard that Dean was currently remanded in custody for another matter.

Prosecutor Vaughan Pritchard-Jones said Dean asked to use the telephone and was allowed to call his mother while a patient on St Caradog’s Ward, Haverfordwest, on December 13.

“The conversation he was having appeared to have turned into a slanging match. He could be heard shouting at this mother and she was shouting back at him down the phone.

“He became upset during the conversation and snapped the handset in half.”

Dean then stormed off to his bedroom, went to the toilet area, ripped the toilet seat off and smashed it against the wall to create shards which he then attempted to self-harm with.

The police were called and Dean admitted damaging the items.

The court heard that it would cost £49 to replace and repair the damage caused.

Mr Lloyd said: “This is a particularly sad case involving someone profoundly unwell on a mental health ward.

“He had a conversation with his mother and an argument developed. He felt so low that he decided to damage the toilet seat to self harm.”

Magistrates sentenced Dean to seven days in prison and ordered him to pay £49 compensation, £40 costs and a £122 surcharge.