NEYLAND’s new foodbank was officially opened on Friday, March 13, and is located at the Bethesda Baptist Church.

Foodbanks provide help for people in need across communities with emergency food support.

The centre was opened by Neyland Mayor Bill McGarvie along with representatives from the Pembrokeshire Foodbank.

Cllr McGarvie said: “Unfortunately in these difficult times there has been a need to set up these help centres. More than one million parcels were given out last year and it looks like the numbers will increase this year.

“We are dependant on volunteers from the community to operate these centres and the very generous donations made by shops, organisations and members of the public.

“We are very grateful to the volunteers who have set up the Neyland bank and in particular Mr Grayham Passmore and his team who have accessed funds and equipment to adapt parts of the Mosaic to enable the foodbank to be housed here.

“I have found that whenever a problem appears in Neyland, the community always rallies round to help.”

Chair of Pembrokeshire Foodbank, Ian Watling added: “This is based in Neyland, serving Neyland and looked after by volunteers from Neyland.

“It offers more than just food with things such as coffee, tea, practical advice and somebody listening.”

Mr Watling also thanked the Trussell Trust for their help and the town council for their donations.

Paul Davies AM was also in attendance, having held an advice surgery shortly before the opening, and he thanked all the volunteers for the work they will be doing.

The foodbank in Neyland will be open on Tuesdays between 9am and 12pm.

Volunteers are also needed whether it be exchanging foodbank vouchers, stock checking plus many more. All volunteers are welcomed.